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Its 2017!!
We cannot believe it is 2017! Just as everybody came to terms with writing 2016 they had to go and change it on us. We had an awesome year at Irukandji, my personal favourite was getting the new heater chiller, so we could move the Tawny Nurse Sharks into their nice deep pool! This also means our pools are all heated year round to a toasty 24.5'c. warm in winter, refreshing in summer
Dashing Shark Pups
Welcome to the world our new Brown Banded Shark pups! In particular Dash who is now a Facebook sensation with his determinatio​n to survive with the odds stacked against him.
Two weeks before Dash was due to hatch his egg was becoming buoyant, upon closer inspection it was realised his egg casing had been penetrated by the small Arthropods (a part of the balanced ecosystem). If left for the last two weeks their was a high change your Dash would not make it. Our Marine Biologist Ryan then decided to make him an artificial egg by putting holes in a small jar.
above: Dash eating up his egg yolk.
Dash lived happily in is little jar for 2 weeks until all his yolk sac was used up, then we hatched him successfully into his new little home! He fast became an internet sensation when we made a little video about his story. You can view the video HERE
Dash now has 3 brother sand sisters now as Mum & Dad (Bam & Shoot) have had 4 successful eggs, all the pups are doing well with lots of love from all the Irukandji staff. below: Bam, Shoot & Fiddler Ray friend.