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Conservation research is something not many businesses will spare money for. Irukandji aims to play a huge part in conducting studies of habitats and animals (mangroves, salt marshes, sea grass beds, fish, invertebrates and marine mammals) in the wild and on site in order to advance the knowledge necessary to enhance environmental conservation. By becoming involved in important research projects with the Newcastle University and Sea Shelter; through the study of our own Sharks and Fish Family we may be able to help solve many very important issues facing the ocean today. If you are studying Marine Science or similar or working on a research project in Port Stephens, feel free to contact us;

Phone: 02 4982 2476

We may have an opportunity to assist with the project or study. In the meantime have a look below at important marine research conducted by various sources. A big thanks to those allowing us to publish their work and be a part of this key science.

Science Initiative

Threatened species ID – Black Cod

Time for a family fishing adventure! What if you were taking a threatened species through the case of mistaken ID?

Becoming educated on our ocean is such and important step to its recovery and the future of our fish.

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