Experience the true nature of sharks & rays and get to know the weird and wonderful world of the ocean. You can choose to enter the animal’s world by going into the water for a wetsuiting wading experience, private encounter or snorkel. Or choose to feed and pat them from the edges of the pools getting only your feet wet, read below for visitor info.


9am – 5pm daily. Please arrive by 3.30pm to make the last tour.

Irukandji is open 364 days a year, closed only Christmas day.

Book via our BUY TICKETS page to secure your spot!


Irukandji Shark & Ray Encounters is located at 2 Jessie Rd Anna Bay, NSW, on the corner of Nelson Bay Rd and Jessie Rd.

When leaving from Newcastle follow the signs towards Nelson Bay. At Salt Ash you will precede through 2 Roundabouts. About 10 minutes later you will come up to a third roundabout. Turn right at the roundabout from Nelson Bay road onto Jessie road and you will head straight into the new Irukandji.

If you are leaving from Nelson Bay follow Nelson Bay Rd for about 10 minutes. You will pass through the roundabout that turns off towards Anna Bay to your left. Not long after this you will come upon another roundabout. Turn left at this roundabout onto Jessie Road and right into Irukandji.


If you are doing an activity that requires you to jump into one of our wetsuits, it will be useful to have swimwear, towels (also available for sale, if need be) and a dry change of clothes. Otherwise you can wear your own clothes in the shallows and just get your feet and legs wet. We recommend shorts or skirts for this activity. You can choose to go barefoot in the shallows or, if you’re feeling nervous, you can purchase some ‘wear and keep’ souvenir socks to cover your feet from curious sharks and rays.

Remember to stay sun safe during the summer by bringing a hat and reef safe sunscreen.

Camera! Don’t miss out on capturing this amazing experience. However, please remember not to use the flash as the majority of our animals are nocturnal species.

Reef-safe sunscreen is now available for purchase from our gift shop. We are pleased to stock the Sunbutter Skincare sunscreen and related products.


Your own wetsuits: Unfortunately marine diseases can be transferred into our lagoons if we allow wetsuits that have not been treated into the water. Our animals’ health is the most important thing of all, so please don’t ask us to change our minds.

Creams, lotions, repellants: To prevent unnatural chemicals entering the water, please don’t spray/wipe anything onto your skin before visiting Irukandji, or you can use our showers before entering the water to rinse any chemicals from your body. If you want to use sunscreen, it must be certified as reef-friendly so as not to leach harsh chemicals into the animals’ habitat.

A Snorkel: although we are offering snorkeling as an option, we ask that visitors use the equipment we provide so as to avoid possible contamination from other sources. Our masks and snorkels are sterilised after each use for your protection and hygeine.

Alcohol: Irukandji is an alcohol free facility.


Irukandji is dedicated to promoting conservation of aquatic life through display, interaction, education, research and action. Revenues from our facility fund education, conservation and research initiatives. To ensure the best experience for both our visitors as well as our fish family, we have a number of policies that visitors to the Aquarium should be aware of. These policies that can be viewed from the below link:


Irukandji’s 2023 Brochure for further Visitor Info

Irukandji Shark & Ray Encounters 2023 Brochure
Irukandji Shark & Ray Encounters 2023 Brochure, page 2