An Incredible and Rewarding Career

What a rewarding career to be embarking on when you join Irukandji. The amazing animals surprise staff every day with their intelligence, the staff are wonderful, they work well in the team and love learning new things. Irukandji allows you to change the world every day at work; every time you take a tour you are sharing education and ocean awareness to the world.

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Positions Vacant

Position available click here:


Please click the link above to view the vacant position or if there is nothing available right now click here to view information about the kind of jobs that occasionally come up at Irukandji.

To get your foot in the door when there are no positions vacant the best option is to join our volunteer program. It is the 100% best way to get a job at Irukandji as we look to our trusted volunteers when a job arises.

Working as a Zoo Keeper is a very popular career choice, not many people can boast such excitement from their work day. As a result job openings are very rare. We wish all applicants the best of luck, hopefully you will succeed in joining our dynamic team.