taking part in conservation Our Commitment to Conservation

Taking part in conservation of the ocean and marine life is easy at Irukandji. As you embark on a unique encounter, you will learn about research and free action that everybody can get involved in

Irukandji’s staff and volunteers are dedicated to our oceans. Together with the inspiration of so many initiatives we intend to make a difference to our natural world. To take part see below.


Eating Seafood Sustainably

Eating seafood sustainably is becoming very important to those who care about the future of our Oceans and our children.

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Steps to a sustainable business

Small steps can result in cost effective changes for your business. Simple steps such as choosing you printer paper ethically can have a huge impact.

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Boat Owners Doing Their Bit

Available now are environmental moorings, which do not create the treacherous dead zones scattered across the sea floor ecosystems.

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