Where we are today is a vast difference to what it was like in 2014 and earlier. New water quality systems are making way for naturalistic environments to be implemented in every tank including cleaning stations, sand, rocks, islands, and mini ecosystems that are so important to the systems of the marine animals.

A very expensive heater chiller has been imported with the ability to heat or chill all 460 000 litres no worries at all. With these new capabilities the large Tawny Nurse Sharks were immediately moved out of their small pool to a nice deep pool at the back.

Today every visitor receives a guided journey through the attraction where they learn so much through the guided interaction with an array of species. The Sharks and Rays reveal a whole new side that has never been realised with their bad reputations, they are incredible intelligent animals who amaze the visitors through a variety of captured natural behaviours, especially the fact the truely seek human attention creating passion and empathy toward their species.

In the near future you will see big changes as the entire centre is rebuilt with a naturalistic animals focus in a new location. With the new Aquarium  will come new exhibits like the jellyfish room including the infamous Irukandji; one of the most deadly things in the world, who’s sting causes a painful death or near death with a overwhelming sense of impending doom (yikes!) In the mean time you will already learn about the Jellyfish and how they are taking over the ocean as a result of our over fishing, bad fishing techniques, plastic bags, warming ocean temperatures, perfect breeding environments and much more.

Irukandji Shark & Ray Encounters has only been operating since November 2014, yet is already having a huge impact. What a wonderful opportunity to help change the world; Irukandji accepts the challenge with open arms/flippers.