Our volunteer team is occasionally supported by work experience students. Placements are offered to High School students in grades 9-12.

work-experience2Plan Ahead For Your Experience

Irukandji’s work experience program is open to students in grades 9-12. We accept placements at many times during the year, based on departmental and organisational needs. There are a limited number of positions as we will only accept 4 students at any one time so advance planning is essential. On-site training, supervision and evaluation are provided.

work-experience3Info For Students/Teachers

Interested in getting your work experience hours done at Irukandji? Have your school to request the position.

If you are successful please follow these guidelines;

Uniform – Please wear respectable shorts (long board shorts are fine) and a t-shirt that can get wet. If you own water shoes you may wear them, otherwise you will be provided with some.

Jewellery – Is worn at your own risk.

Tattoos – No visible offensive tattoos or excessive tattoos in visible areas.

Piercings – Please cover excessive piercings

Tips – Customer service is a very large part of this industry, practice smiling at everybody and speaking in a polite voice, the bigger impression you make on the public, the higher your chances of getting employed right away in this competitive industry.