Irukandji offers incredible opportunities to encounter a world little is known about. Learn more about the animals that live there and take an in-depth look at the importance of ocean ecosystems. Animal encounters with many species of Sharks, Rays and sea life give you the chance to get up close and personal with these magnificent animals. Differing from the normal behind glass aquarium experience Irukandji is a one of a kind.

Usually Encounters like this can cost an arm and a leg with limited openings, here at Irukandji EVERYBODY gets to experience it.

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The journey that each and every person embarks on includes an education on all the species that you meet. You may learn something new about one of your favorite animals, or discover an entirely new creature that you’ve never seen before.

shallows encounter with rays


This exciting encounter is included in your entry! Wearing your own clothing and staying (mostly) dry, you can wade in the sandy shallows of the new beach style lagoons, or sit on the rocks, feeding and petting the beautiful animals.

feed rays in the lagoon


This is the same Shark Encounter Irukandji is famous for. Get wet, get right in, feed and interact with them while your tour guide offers a wealth of information about marine life and ocean conservation.


You will be entering the deeper water with an experienced guides, swimming all around with the amazing animals in a whole new underwater world (don’t forget the camera)

feed zebra sharks


Spend some quality time up close with our beautiful Zebra sharks! You will get to feed and pet these amazing, endangered animals, and learn why they’re called zebra sharks despite their spots!

feed tawny nurse sharks


Did you know that a Tawny Nurse Shark can suck in six litres of water in one second? Even better than knowing it, you get to experience it first hand.
Feel the force of the suction as our largest sharks snatch the large piece of food from your stick.

Hot showers at IrukandjiNow Featuring Hot Showers!

You can now warm up after your shark encounter under our hot outdoor showers.

These have recently been installed for your comfort and convenience.

BYO towels!