A new smoking law prohibits smoking within 20 meters of our Attraction. There is a smoking section available beside the just beside the car park for your convenience.

Please reconsider littering your butts as it has been found they take approximately 5 years to break down and before that happens they could be accidentally eaten by an unsuspecting animal, then the plastics and toxins then move up the food chain even ending up on our plates.

Along with this there has been results of research showing that leached chemicals
from cigarette filters are deadly to the water flea Daphnia magna, a small crustacean at
the lower end of, but very important to
the aquatic food chain. Every tiny little
butt counts.


We hope you enjoy taking and sharing images of our awesome fish family. Please note that any images you take are for your personal use only, and cannot be used for commercial purposes without written consent from Irukandji. Please view our full photo policy for more information. Thank you for your consideration.

Photography policy

Location filming


For the safety of your pet and our animals, pets are not allowed in our facility. There is a shaded forest next to us that may be used to keep them cool, however in the middle of summer it could still be too hot for them in this location. Seeing eye dogs are permitted in the facility.


Strollers are permitted throughout the Attraction. We ask that you be considerate of other visitors as you navigate your way.

Accessible Services

Irukandji welcomes visitors of all abilities. We wish to ensure our facility is inclusive to all and will do everything possible to make this happen.


Irukandji is partially undercover, but is suitable for all weather conditions including rain, hail, thunder and sunshine! The water temperature remains around 22-24 degrees celcius all year round and our wetsuits provide extra protection in cold weather. And you can stay dry by feeding from the edges or wearing your own clothes in the shallows.

Balloons and the Ocean

Balloons, and the likes can fall into animal habitats and this can be very dangerous to the animals that would mistake them as food. These items are not permitted within the Attraction. Balloons can be left at the admissions desk, or tied up outside and collected after your visit.

For our fish families safety please take care not to drop anything into tanks. For the sake of the ocean please never let balloons go into the atmosphere; what goes up must come down, chances are; it will come down in the ocean with devastating affects on those who consume it

Unaccompanied Youth

Youth 16 years and over may enter the facility without an accompanying adult. Appropriate ID or other proof of age must be presented. Irukandji reserves the right to verify the age and identity of any unaccompanied minor or young guardians.

Youth 12 years and over may enter the water with out an accompanying adult entering the water with them.

Emergency Services

First Aid

In the event that you or someone in your party requires first aid, please alert a staff member of volunteer right away. They will call our first aid attendants to help you.

Lost and Found

Please contact us right away if you have lost an item during your visit.

Phone: 02 4982 2476 or