Spotting sharks in Port Stephens is easy when there are so many to find at Irukandji. There are 5 different species to be found here and each one is unique and beautiful! The 5 species are:

  • tawny nurse sharks
  • zebra sharks
  • brown banded bamboo sharks
  • epaulette sharks
  • Port Jackson sharks

Many of the species are types of carpet sharks which means they often dwell on the ocean floor, just lazing around. The other type of shark we have belongs to the Bullhead family (Heterodontidae). Can you guess which of our sharks belong to that group?

As you can see from the video below the sharks at Irukandji are friendly, affectionate and a lot of fun. They enjoy interacting with humans and have a special bond with their keepers. These animals have learned to rely on humans for food and care and they don’t feel threatened by us at all.

You couldn’t feed sharks and rays like this in the wild! When it comes to wildlife it’s best to leave them alone. If you happen to come across injured or sick marine life you can contact a rescue organisation such Sea Shelter.

Love our sharks? You can learn more about them on our educational pages here.