Locals have the best chance to see sharks in Port Stephens during the month of August when it’s half price! This year things are changing and the discount is being extended! Lucky locals can buy tickets to Irukandji for 50% off the usual price and use them anytime before the end of 2021. The discount applies to both entry and shallows encounter! That means locals can enjoy feeding and petting sharks and rays inside the lagoon for half price!

Port Stephens residents can book online here by using a special promo code PSLOCALS2021

You must make your booking before August 31st 2021 for any date in 2021 (up to December 31st). We will be checking I.D don’t forget to for proof of residency¬† so make sure to bring it with you when you visit.

Guess how many sharks in Port Stephens you can spot? At Irukandji there is over 250 sharks and rays! Each one is unique and fascinating. The shallows encounter is a great opportunity to close to them in their own world. As you spend time with them you will see just how friendly and affectionate they really are and your fears and apprehension will melt away.

All ages can benefit from a close encounter with sharks and rays. Even babies will have a great time in the water! Check out this adorable video of little baby Riley splashing about in the water with the sharks and rays.