Today at Irukandji we have a range of different experiences!
If you’d like to stay (mostly) dry but try some feeding, you can wade into the shallow beaches of our lagoon for the Shallows Encounter which runs every open day from 9am to 5pm. Add a wetsuit to the encounter if you wish to get your whole body wet and have the animals swim on your lap.

To fully immerse yourself in the underwater world, go on a Tropical Snorkel or Fingill Lagoon Snorkel to swim with our amazing animals which run twice a day every day.
If you’d like something a bit more exciting try some shark feeding! Our Zebra Shark Encounter , Little Ray Cuddle and Reef Shark Encounter run every day at specific times only so please book ahead if you’d like to try this experience.

Visitors are welcome any time from 9am – 5pm daily, but it is advised to arrive before 3.30pm to enjoy the whole experience. During winter hours, the quietest times to visit are on weekdays or prior to 12pm or after 2pm. During summer hours, the quietest times to visit are on the weekdays or prior to 10am or after 3pm.

Note: You need to leave yourself at least an hour for your journey so arriving after four is not advised.

Stay Dry

Get Wet