Have a question about our Birthday Parties? Here are some of the most common questions about Birthday Parties at Irukandji.

Our package allows a minimum of 13 paying customers (under 3 is not included in the 10). Party is limited to 35 people, for any extra please contact our staff. 

No they will not. Babies are not the diet of Sharks they much prefer squid, fish and prawns. Anybody can go in the tanks 0-100yrs!

At the scheduled time arranged with your booking.

Staff at the entry they will direct them to the rest of their group.

It’s a good idea to wear shorts so you can get your legs wet. Bring towels, and a dry change of clothes just in case. Also don’t forget the camera, there are many amazing moments not to be missed.

You are welcome to bring decorations if you like. Please shop sustainably if purchasing disposable goods, think of re-usable, recycled non plastic disposables. Reminder balloons are not permitted at our facility.

You are more then welcome to bring outside food to the party. Again think of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and shop sustainably e.g. limit disposable plastic.

Balloons are an extreme choking hazard for the fish, as a result we cannot allow them inside the building. They are also a massive cause of wildlife deaths in the ocean, so instead we recommend paper lanterns and streamers.

You are not permitted to bring your own wetsuits due to health reasons for the fish, please don’t use any lotions/repellents before swimming with our fish family. Please do not bring alcoholic beverages.

Irukandji is open 364 days a year (only closed for Christmas). Hours of operation are 9am – 5pm daily.

Sorry we only have one flavour available.