Curriculum Support


These lesson plans are designed to promote hands on learning and continue to use these skills in the community. Conservation themes can be tailored for learners of any age and ability

Our primary goals:

To enrich Students views of the marine environment through the exciting marine
Shark and Ray world.

To create enthusiasm for further learning in science, biology and technology.

K-1 Lesson Plan

Living Things
Early Stage 1
Whether it’s Slimy, Rough, Teeth or Plates we have them all at Irukandji Shark & Ray Encounters.

Find the plan here

K2 -3 Lesson Plan

Stage 2/3
Structure and function of living things and explains ways they interact with other living things and their environment.

Find the plan here

K4 – 6 Primary School Lesson plan

Irukandji seeks to help teachers develop the skills of their students through data and information analysis of living systems, by applying critical thinking skills.

Discovery Marine Course

Do you love aquariums? Join our school holiday program designed to educate your child about the ocean, its systems and the animals that call it home. If your child wants to “be a Zoo Keeper when they grow up” this is the perfect place to start. The program kicks off soon, if you would like to be a part of it please contact:

Phone: 02 4982 2476