steps to a sustainable business Steps to a Sustainable Business

Following are some small steps to a sustainable business that can support the earth and be cost affective at the same time. Simple steps such as sourcing ethical printer paper can have a huge impact.

Step 1

Irukandji recently took the ethical paper pledge, it was very easy and we were surprised to find that the 100% recycled J.Burrows was the same price in bulk as other big non or partially recycled brands.

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Outside your premises there are many companies offering ethical options for your day to day needs. Some of the good ones we’ve found include:

Step 2 offering 100% recycled paper, uses computer-to-plate technology, recyclable aluminium plates, soy inks and vegetable based cleaning solutions to minimise environmental impact. Digital printing also offers a suite of benefits with far less setup requirements as there are no plates, no chemicals for processing, and minimal waste during production.

They promote and encourage the development of economical, environmentally responsible production techniques, paper sources and waste minimisation. In addition, and most importantly, they consider it their social and ethical responsibility to maximise utilisation of their skills and resources to assist in communicating and educating the wider community of the many environmental issues impacting on our lives and the sustainable future of our planet.

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Step 3 Graphic Designers for all your company design needs, for every 10 hours work they do for their clients they will do 1 free hour for a not for profit organisation.

The aim of catfish is to provide creative solutions to organisations and not-for-profits, they have involved in conservation work, improving habitats, innovation and positive change for the oceans and the planet. As the messages and experiences we create pass through the hands, minds, and hearts of people, we have an opportunity to weave positive change into the broader fabric of culture and to shift consumption and lifestyle aspirations to a more mindful and abundant basis for living.

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