Leave Irukandji with Unique Gifts

The Irukandji gift Shop offers a range of fun and memorable aquatic and Shark-themed gifts, for all ages. There is a nice array of toys, clothing, books, home décor, jewellery, and educational books.


DSC_0253_webSustainable Choices

When shopping it is so important to think of your environmental footprint, where possible Irukandji endeavors to purchase sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

Look for products and services that are environmentally responsible, such as products that:

  • Use minimal packaging
  • Are organic or biodegradable
  • Are recyclable or reusable
  • Contain ‘green’ certifications

chrisjordan1Leading by Example

Irukandji’s commitment to conservation guides how we operate our business. Our Gift Shop recycles the majority of all packaging (paper, plastic, Styrofoam, cardboard, etc.) and offers re-usable Clown Fish bags or brown paper bags as an alternative to plastic bags. All the garbage bags used at the attraction are biodegradable, all grocery shopping is done in reusable bags and our staff continue this trend into their home lives. Every single plastic bag counts; will you #banthebag from your home life also? If you love our ocean, find out more info on how you can get involved in easy conservation HERE