accessibility for the disabled summed up in one beautiful pic Accessible to Everyone

Irukandji’s accessibility is very important to us, we want to see everyone enjoying their Irukandji visit. If you have a disability don’t let that stop you from this amazing experience. Walkways and ramps make for wheelchair access and if you like our friendly staff will help you into waders and into the water in the shallow tank where the Fiddler Rays love to sit on your lap. Seeing eye Dogs are also permitted.

Amenities & Services

The following amenities are available to make the attraction as accessible as possible:

  • Wheelchair accessible parking spaces right outside
  • Disabled Toilets
  • Ramps and walkways
  • Staff Assistance

Accessibility Discounts

Visitors with a disability receive entry at $15 each. Carers with a companion card are entitled to free entry.

accessability2Special Requests

Please contact with any questions or special requests.