Attending an event with us is a fantastic opportunity to experience Irukandji in a whole new way, or work with us outside the attraction in conservation efforts for the Ocean.


With years of planning going into our brand new aquarium, we had planned for a grand opening in April 2020. Unfortunately, due to the covid-19 crisis this has been cancelled. Down the track, when it is safe to do so, we will hold a small celebration event.

In light of this, as we are unable to invite them all to a grand opening event, Irukandji would like to thank all the incredible people who helped us get here.

This includes all of our amazing contractors and construction workers, our helpful local council and community members, and importantly our dedicated volunteers and staff.

Thank you all so much for supporting us through the entire build and allowing Irukandji Shark & Ray Encounters to continue doing what we love in our new state of the art aquarium. 

Annual Fundraising Activities

Irukandji is a proud supporter of the annual Stockton Beach Clean Up. 15 tonnes of rubbish could be pulled out on the day with so much more left behind including many years worth buried under the sand. Every single piece of plastic could kill hundreds of marine animals as once they die and decompose the plastic returns to its job of being consumed by unsuspecting sea creatures.

If the Plastic is not big enough to block the intestines any more it brings with it another problem; all the small pieces of plastic floating in the ocean bond with DDT (an extremely dangerous chemical that never leaves the ocean/earth cycles) then it travels up the food chain where the top (us) consume it in ever increasing proportions. In Humans DDT is linked to many ailments including miscarriage, diabetes and it can be an endocrine disruptor leading to auto-immune diseases.

Plus there are so many prizes at the end, last year pretty much EVERYBODY  got an awesome prize from a local business. Its win win!

World Oceans Day

Irukandji World Ocean Day Celebration Saturday June, 9 2018

Join us on World Oceans Day to help make a difference! This year, help us clean the mangroves!

Annual & Upcoming Events


To celebrate Irukandji we will be offering a very special offer; all of August will be LOCALS MONTH!! During locals month Irukandji would love to meet all the people who call Port Stephens home, to show them what we are all about and help grow the conservation message for our local beaches.

Visitors with a Port Stephens Address on their license will receive a massive 50% off entry after 1pm daily for a whole month!! (Port Stephens address required on ID)

For the whole month of August 2018.

Any local businesses who would like to bring all their staff in at once are more then welcome (Bookings Essential)

We are very excited to meet all the friendly locals, share our stories and our dreams.