As you work your way through the exhibit you will meet a variety of species of marine creatures.

Ray Lagoon is home to Southern Eagle Rays, Blue Spotted Mask Rays, White Spotted Sharks, Port Jackson Sharks and Australia’s largest sting ray species; Smooth Rays. As this is the first major encounter in your journey you will spend a few minutes here allowing to calm your nerves and reveal their individual characters.

As we marvel at the wonders and adaptations of the incredible animals an aquarist/guide will help you to interact with them to gain a greater understanding.

ray-lagoonFeared or Revered

Australia’s Eastern coastline is vast, diverse and changing. It is home to one of the largest stingray species in the world and a variety of endemic species, which is a plant or animal species native or restricted to a certain area. This exhibit tells the story of the changes experienced by the animals, land and people, and engages visitors with hands on interaction. Your guide will talk of the most infamous species of Stingrays, whilst establishing wonderful connections between visitors and the fascinating species. The interactive exhibit fosters awareness, understanding and relationships between humans and elasmobranches.

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Irukandji has pioneered a unique interaction between humans and marine organisms to better our understanding of today’s marine ecosystems.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 10.32.41 AMChanging by the Minute

Australia’s coastline is undergoing some of the fastest and most dramatic changes in the world. Although researchers are desperately racing against time to document the diversity of life in this region, from ocean acidification/ climate change/ over fishing to industrial expansion time is of the essence. We’re highlighting some of this research and raising awareness about our rapidly changing coastline.

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