Underwater Exhibits

Prepare to be amazed, engaged and inspired by what you see and learn on your journey through the underwater exhibits. Watch our adorable Flathead pretending he is not there, watch the eagle rays graceful swimming, get eyed off by Barralina waiting for her pilchard, feel the smooth wings of the Smooth Ray, feed the hungry little Fiddlers as they all climb onto your lap the list never ends in this unique environment. Visitors always walk away with a better appreciation for the animals that live here, this attraction has no shortage of incredible experiences.

Ray Lagoon

Let’s enter Ray Lagoon to encounter one of the world’s astonishing and mysterious marine animals. This exhibit is the Aquarium’s largest touch pool and the lagoon features 600,000 litres of water.

Tawny Terrain

Sharks are one of the most feared animals on the planet. At Irakundji Shark & Ray Encounters, The Tawny Terrain Exhibit will allow you to get close to, and enjoy the grace of our reef sharks.

Aqua Nursery

Do you have fond memories of exploring ocean-side rock pools as a child? Experience this again with your own children as they see & explore the Rocky Shores Touch Pool and Nursery.

At this exhibit we will touch on shark and ray reproduction, were you will interact with juvenile sharks and rays called pups. Meanwhile an aquarist will unravel the mysteries surrounding shark and ray reproduction.

Epaulettes Abode

Epaulette Abode will be a fringe reef environment bordering a mangrove forest. This upcoming display depicts one of the most colourful and adaptive environments in the world. It is home to one of the most unusual sharks, an Epaulette Shark which prefers to waddle rather than swim. Also showcased are some of the weird and wonderful species of fish we can find in the ocean.

Fiddler’s Flats

Have you ever wondered what’s going on beneath our estuarine waters; visiting Fiddler Flat’s will help shed some light on the Eastern Fiddler and Shovel Nose Rays. These rays are both majestic and bizarre.