Did you know that a Tawny Nurse Shark can suck in six litres of water in one second? Even better than knowing it, you get to experience it first hand, right before your eyes.

During winter hours, the quietest times to visit are on weekdays or prior to 12 pm or after 2pm. During summer hours, the quietest times to visit are prior to 10 am or after 3 pm.

The journey that each and every person embarks on includes an education on all the species that you meet. You may learn something new about one of your favorite animals, or discover an entirely new creature that you’ve never seen before.

Experience a close encounter with up to 190 Sharks and Rays not to mention the other species hanging around like Barry Barramundi  (just turned Barralina at her coming of age)

Usually Encounters like this can cost an arm and a leg with limited openings, here at Irukandji EVERYBODY gets to experience it.